After substantial R&D and successful field testing, SPI recently unveiled the innovative Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3™ elastomeric bridging polyurea. This cutting edge technology along with the versatile LPG™ portable proportioner, provides a cost-effective solution for waterproofing concrete basements and foundations. In the video’s featured project, the porous, uncompacted concrete basement had numerous bugholes and surface imperfections. The combined technology of the LPG™ equipment and Synergy Series chemistries provided complete coverage in a one-step application. This eliminated the costly, time consuming steps of applying a concrete mortar filler and primer. Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3™ polyurea forms a seamless, monolithic surface that seals and protects the concrete. Waterproofing contractors now have a user-friendly solution that is priced substantially lower than traditional sheet-good and other coating materials. Contact SPI today to learn more about this innovative concrete waterproofing technology.