FMJ Ultra – The Toughest Spray On Bedliner Guaranteed

FMJ Ultra™ – The Toughest Spray-On Bedliner Guaranteed! Increase Your Profits, Decrease Prep-Time, & Reduce Material Usage. Benefits = Transferable, Limited-Lifetime Wear Warranty — Cost Savings, Reduce Material Usage — Labor Savings, Decrease Prep-Time — No Expensive Franchise Fees — Protected Dealer Territories — Extensive Marketing Support.

SPI, a protective coating industry leader since 1974, introduces the first major advancement in the spray-on bedliner industry since the introduction of the Full Metal Jacket (FMJ™) bedliner nearly two decades ago. The new FMJ Ultra™ elastomeric coating delivers the toughest protection available on the market today. FMJ Ultra™ provides unmatched abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance. Other companies make this claim, SPI stands behind it with a transferable, limited-lifetime wear warranty.

The FMJ Ultra™ protective spray-on bedliner is formulated with SPI’scutting-edge Ultra Bond™ technology. This advanced chemistry is coined “the duct tape molecule”. Like duct tape, FMJ Ultra™ gains adhesion strength over time. This significant chemistry break-through provides a unique advantage by creating superior adhesion to many organic and inorganic surfaces (new or aged*) without a primer or extensive surface preparation. Save labor by eliminating the costly step(s) of sanding and cleanup. * Note: Surface must be clean and dry. If oxidation is present, the surface must be abraded to ensure proper coating adhesion.